A website without tracking and reporting is like a car without gages. It will run, but there is no way to maximize its performance.
We use Visistat Analytics to  focus your website and marketing, generating walk-in traffic, appointments thru phone calls, email and many other conversion tools, turning your website into an appointment setting machine with accountability.




Myth #1: ANYONE Can Succeed Online

Internet Marketing takes time to understand and effort to implement. It takes a keen eye and a little education in order to utilize and implement an effective internet marketing campaign.


Myth #2: If You Build It, They Will Come

Merely building a website and expecting people to visit it is like hoping your customers will find a needle in a haystack. With million of websites being created every day, you need and effective marketing plan to draw the customers your want to your website.


Myth #3: You Don’t Need Any Money To Do Business On The Internet

We agree there are plenty of free advertising opportunities out there, but it can take a lot of time and effort to master these tools and techniques. Sometimes a web marketing expert can end up being worth their weight in gold.


Myth #4: You Can Get Rich Quick On The Internet

There are sensational stories of people earning a lot of money overnight via internet marketing. This is half-true and half false. People can get rich quickly, but its because of their hard work and dedication to their business and overall marketing plan.


Myth #5: All Traffic Is Good Traffic

Guaranteed traffic programs and advertising on websites or in publications that are not related to your business can end up being nothing more than a waste of time, money and effort.


Myth #6: Saturated Niches Are No Longer Profitable

If you have an effective marketing plan, you will be able to compete equally with all of your potential competitors.


Myth #7: You Need To Be On The First Page Of Google To Be Successful

A good marketing plan will use a multi-pronged approach to give you leverage and credibility among several different web marketing mediums.


Myth #8: People Don’t Read Long Copy On The Internet

People will ready any content that is put on the internet as long as it spikes their interest, engages them emotionally or gives them something they want or need.


Myth #9: E-mail Marketing Is Dead

It is a fact that most email marketing campaigns can quickly become ineffective, but if you engage your prospects with insights that offer them true value, the will be much more likely to respond, and eventually convert into your customers.







Clients come to Local Search Magic to generate more quality leads and to drive business growth.

We have in-depth experience helping auto dealers to experience dramatic growth.

We leverage SEO, Paid Search, 3rd party vendors and  Social media to generate qualified leads.


We help our clients:


Identify unmet needs and untapped opportunities in their markets.


Score, prioritize and nurture leads effectively.

Monitor the contribution of marketing to revenue growth from the early stages of demand generation and lead management to the development of customer loyalty.


Before any marketing dollars are spent, we define success and set metrics.





The idea of developing, implementing and managing web digital initiatives can sometimes seem overwhelming. As a franchise owner, we understand that you may not have the time or the skills to manage all of this on your own. We are here to take that burden off your plate!


We Promise To:


Work with you to understand your dealership and help you determine how web marketing can work as a catalyst for growth.


Create and manage all of the components of your web marketing plan to drive business growth for you.


Stay on top of all the latest developments on the web that affect your dealership.


The web is moving at warp speed you cannot master all that is going on during this rapid evolution – we have you covered!







Any successful web marketing initiative starts with a clear definition of your goals and objectives. Unless we understand how you define success, we cannot create a plan to help you achieve your objectives. We will work closely with you to figure out how web marketing can help you reach your goals.



Once your goals and objectives have been clearly defined, we will implement the various components of a web marketing campaign designed to help you quickly and effortlessly reach your target.



Web marketing is part art, part science. We will closely monitor the progress of each one of your campaigns to ensure we are on the right track to help you meet and exceed your goals. If something isn’t right, we will make the necessary changes to help you continuously maximize your results.



Inbound Marketing ROIThe internet is now one of the leading ways to attract customers, yet the skills and time needed to implement a successful internet marketing campaign is beyond the skills and resources of many small business owners. Local Search Magic can help you tap into the power of the internet to unlock your dealership’s potential so you can start getting the results you’ve been looking for!


  • Extend Your Reach
  • Target The Audience You Want
  • Maximize Your Marketing Budget
  • Build Your Credibility
  • Compete Equally With Affluent Companies
  • Track And Improve Your Marketing Campaign


At Local Search Magic we believe that there is one primary focus of our clients – to attract, engage and retain customers. Our focus is single-minded to achieve this by getting results. Give us a call so we can start making results your reality today!